SuperClasic way in the new Version 2.5 Firebird

The Firebird development team decided to build Firebird 3.0 based on Classic. Firebird 3.0 will be completely SMP friendly. SuperClassic is the first step in that direction. It is an evolution and solves Classic’s biggest problem: all those processes make it slow and make maintenance harder.

Welcome to SuperClassic: A single process with a dedicated cache.

Firebird superclassic architecture diagram

Looking this way and considering the name, it may sound like a hybrid between Classic and Super but it’s not. What they did was put all those processes inside threads. Now each client has a dedicated thread inside a single process.

Creating hundreds of threads is much cheaper than creating hundreds of processes and there is no loss of scalability. Cache synchronization is done directly in memory which reduces I/O costs. Other controls that used to be inter-process are now inter-thread and much faster.