Manual, the online manual reference.

22/09/2009 Firebird created with the intention of becoming a quick manual consultation, downloadable applications and opinion forum. Dpto. Comunicación / Communication Dept.
This project created with the aim of providing fast answers and solutions to users who are interested in working with Firebird, system of relational databases on open source. 

What is Firebird? 

Firebird is a management system relational database (or RDBMS) (Query Language: SQL) open source, based on InterBase version 6, whose code was released by Borland in 2000. Your code was rewritten to C + +. The project is actively developed and on 18 April 2008 was released version 2.1. 

The project 

Our proposal is to provide a rapid reference manual, a series of free programs for download, along with other payment systems through SMS, a forum for consultations. All to reduce the learning curve for the full use of Firebird. 


The project design is based on the official corporate identity database, providing the maximum usability across the site navigation. The navigation architecture is designed to guide the user to visit the site at all times and provide information in a gradual and phased. 


It is our desire that users who visit our site, learn and grow from our knowledge that we put at your disposal for anyone interested in the Firebird project. 


We hope to be a very helpful. 

Thanks for your visit